Alleged Darren Espanto
Darren Espanto's name become famous when he became one of the finalists of the singing competition for kids, The Voice Kids Philippines.

His stunning voice wowed the judges and the audiences. His career became bigger as the people saw his potential. 

But now, a controversy is being thrown after an alleged photo making love with another man was said to be Darren Espanto. You may look closely the photo below and you can judge with your own if he is the real Darren.

Source: Facebook

As we took a closer look at the photo, it can be seen that the man who is said to be Darren Espanto has several piercings on his left ear. 

Many people defended him, saying that Darren would not do such thing. The man in the video is not Darren Espanto. The man on the video looks like him, but this is not him. This is just another controversy made by an insecure bashers to try to put down others.


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