Recently, it has been viral in the social media about a girl who bought a coffee drink in Starbucks and allegedly claimed that there was a mouse on the cup.

The woman who accused the Starbucks of putting a rat in the drink that she've ordered is now being criticised by the netizens because of the untrue stories that she's been telling the media.

A lot of netizens didn't believe with what she's saying and even claimed that Jessa is just seeking for the attention of the media and the netizens, in exchange for money.

The authorities then claim that there's a huge chance that Jessa may be sued by the company for violating the law after creating untrue stories against the coffee shop. The authorities also stated that there are no witnesses that could help Jessa win the case that's why there's a huge chance that she might be  paying a tremendous amount of fine and that she might be imprisoned for false accusations.

However, there are rumors that Jessa is still very confident with her chance of winning the case against the Coffee shop and she's confident that God is in her side.


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