Freaky Vampire Footage Of A Man Without A Reflection In The Mirror Goes Viral!
Many people reacts about the existence of other creatures such as ghosts and vampires. Some other say that these creatures are real and live on earth. But because of the lack of evidences that can prove that they do exist, there's nothing to prove that these are real.

But this video that went viral over the social media sites will surely make the people think twice about believing in these creatures

Vampires are known to be immortal creatures who sucks out the blood of humans. They are often depicted as creatures who does not have reflection in the mirror and that they are afraid of the sunlight. 

In a flip flop shop in Savannah, a man who was seen without a reflection in the mirror was captured in the CCTV of the shop. 

The people were really freaked out when they saw that the man wearing black shirt does not have an image in the mirror. 

The netizens could not believe this footage saying that this might be another edited video.

Watch the video below.

Source: Viral4RealYouTube

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