Recently, a woman who bought a coffee drink on the Starbucks became viral on the social media. She claims that there's a dead mouse in the coffee that she ordered on the said store. Now the topic has still popular on the Internet while the subject is now receiving criticisms from the netizens! People claim that this woman was just creating stories and that it is quite impossible for a rat to be found inside a blended coffee.

In relation to the recent accusation to Starbucks, a regular Starbucks customer Sergio Lee has also posted a similar Starbucks incident. 

He claims that after a long day at work, sipping his favorite coffee will be the nicest thing to do, but then he was shocked when he noticed that there's a strand of hair in his drink that comes with a live fly. He quickly reported it to the barista and they quickly changed it. He also claims that the baristas from the coffee shop were very apologetic with what happened, but still, Sergio Lee insisted that the incident has to be documented so that the people will be aware that such incident really happens.

Source: EliteReads
Langaw at buhok sa kape?? hmmmmm!!!
Langaw at buhok sa kape?? hmmmmm!!!
Posted by Pinoy Citizens Crime Watch on Thursday, January 28, 2016

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