The child of the Legend OPM Artists and singers, Dingdong Avanzado and Jessa Zaragoza has been vocal about wanting to be a part of the music industry like her parents. She also admitted that they have been her inspiration ever-since. 

“When the movie Dream Girls came out, I memorized the entire soundtrack at the time! To be honest, no one really ‘taught’ me to sing, I'd say my parents gave me some tips which later evolved as I got older to what we call constructive criticism today. I remember my mom teaching me this Christina Aguilera riff from her version of ‘Car Wash’ and of course, I tried to do it but failed miserably, but I wouldn't stop trying though,” Jayda said. 

When she was asked what is her opinion when she is being dubbed as the Ariana Grande of the Philippines, she said "First off all, it's a really great compliment to hear that. But in all honesty and with due respect, I don't wish to be exactly like her. Sure, I'd like to think of her as an inspiration and motivation for me as I am building up my career. But I don't want to just model myself after her, because I want to be Jayda Avanzado, not really the Ariana Grande of the Philippines, like I said, it's a huge compliment but I am not in anyway trying to copy her,” the kid said. 

Source: Push

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