The Reality Behind A Chupacabra Captured In Cebu, Philippines
Have you seen this creature that was recently viral on the social media? It has been said that this alien-like  creature is a chupacabra. The truth behind this captured creature is this one. This is not actually a chupacabra... this is a sun bear that was discovered in Sibu, Malaysia last April 2015 - not in Cebu, Philippines. This ill sun bear is at the Matang Wildlife Centre which is under quarantine by Norwegian doctor Siljie Robertsen.
“As of today, the animal is alert, able to climb and to eat normally. The sun bear is still kept in quarantine, as she is still weak and suffering from hook worms, mite infestation and moderate anaemia,” said the report, quoting Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).
Photos and videos of the sun bear has gone viral on the Internet, with many commenting on its chupacabra-like appearance.
The sun bear was first spotted in January by Indonesian plantation workers, who were shocked by its rare hairless appearance. It was later caught by workers at a palm oil estate in Meradong district on April 2, 2015 and handed over to SFC.
A typical female sun bear.
(h/t: TheMalayMailOnline)

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