The controversy about Erwan Heussaff and Jasmine Curtis started when a video of them together was uploaded over the social media sites. 

It has been viral on the social media because of the dirty minded people who shared and gave malicious meaning on the photos. 

The families of the people involved could not help themselves but speak up. Solenn Heussaff posted a sarcastic photo along with his brother Erwan with a caption that pertains to the people who are giving malice to the photo. 

After that, Anne Curtis speaks up   explaining that everything is okay between them all. She also took the time to say that there is no need to perverse their relationship because Erwan treats his sister Jasmine as if she was his own sister. They had known each other since Jasmine was still 13 years old. 

It is time to move on from this controversy and leave these people alone.

Source: COSMO

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