This Man Is Good In Math But Don't Know How To Play Basketball. The Result Is Hilarious
Are you fun on playing basketball? Most of the people love playing and watching basketball. They are one of the most popular sports in the world. When watching basketball games, we also wish to have the abilities of these players like their expertise in shooting the ball. A hilarious short video shows a basketball battle between the janitor and the security guard.
In the video, the security guard tries some shots in the court where the janitor mops the floor. He seemed to boast his shooting to envy the janitor. As the janitor is left alone the court, he also tried shooting the ball but failed hilariously while the guard is just watching him from the surveillance camera. The janitor, being unexpectedly good in Math, used it to know how to perfectly shoot the ball.
Watch this video that will show how a janitor learns how to shoot the ball using his Math skills. Wow!
Video from Malik M.

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