Have you tried riding on any transportation with your self alone? Lets talk about a lucky man who had an entire airplane all by himself. According to the reports, the 28-year old Alex Simon, who is an Austrian blogger was the only passenger of the PAL Flight from Manila to Boracay

This happened after no one else booked a trip with the same route. The Airlines decided not to cancel the trip. The blogger filmed himself as he was enjoying the airplane along with the crew of the flight. 

“So the lady explained to me that I don’t need to wait two more hours on my connecting flight, we’re gonna start in 30 minutes because there are no more passengers except me,” Simon said. 

“I was [a] little bit surprised and I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was dreaming. Later while boarding I just realized that it’s gonna be a special flight because this time I didn´t even need to line up. I took my seat then I asked the flight attendant lady if I can sit next to the window. She just answered, ‘You can sit anywhere, because you’re the [only] passenger,” he added. 

It was one great experience to have the plane all by yourself. 

Source: METRO

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