This 34-year old Cambodian who is being teased because of his condition changed when a tourists who have seen him decided to help him out. 

This man named Vid has been walking around the streets. Each person who will see him would either mock or shoo him in the streets. 

His condition is so rare because a portion of his head grew and was hanging down his chin. He was believed to be abandoned by his family because of his condition. 

But the other part of his eye is completely functional, so he could see and walk around the streets

“He just walked past us in the street near our hotel and it took us by surprise. I said to my husband we have to help this man. I started talking to him, but it was difficult because he didn’t speak English. A few of the local people who we had seen shooing him away before came over to help translate. I told him I’d like to try and help him,” Dianna said. 

They immediately brought him back to the Monsoon Boutique Hotel to be assisted. Then they asked him if he wanted to get rid of the hanging portion of his head. He immediately answered yes. 


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