Back in 1998, there was a report about man who was laying eggs in Java for more than 3 months. Even doctors had no explanation for this very strange situation. 

But this video caught the attention of the netizens when he himself filmed as he was laying eggs. This is really a disturbing video that alarmed everyone who have seen it. 

The netizens claim that this man intentionally inserted the eggs inside his butt and filmed himself as he was removing it from his body. But there are some that says that this video was digitally altered. 

This video had gained more than two hundred thousand views on Facebook since it was uploaded. 

Whatever the truth is, this video is very unusual because a man is a mammal so it is very impossible to find a human laying their eggs. 

Kung buong buhay mo, wala ka pang nakitang taong nangitlog o nangingitlog, panoorin mo ito.!
Source: Facebook

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