Did you know that giving enough time for a relationship between a couple is important? Once you will treat your partner on a date like going outside for a dinner, going a vacation and some kinds of treatment will add happiness to your partner.

However, there are some couples want to get on a private place like Hotel where they can spend there happiness together.

Like to this couple, they decided to check-in in a hotel in Sta. Mesa, Manila. woman was said to have passed away while she was making love with her boyfriend inside a motel room.

Police Officer 3 Dennis Turla claims that the 32-year-old woman collapsed while having s*x with her boyfriend in a motel on Thursday. He also added that as she was doing IT with her 37-year-old boyfriend, she suddenly had seizures and foaming at the mouth

The boyfriend then sought for help and the woman was then brought to the hospital, but later  pronounced dead on arrival.

The cause of death of the woman was not yet revealed.
Source: PhilStarCoolBuster

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