Friend is really one of the most important things on our lives. Without friends your life will not be as complete as what you are right now.
The importance of having a friend is we have someone we can lean on, especially in times we have a problem, there would be another person that gives advice, helps and support as on our decisions.

Like this woman named Raquel Barcebal, she used the different social media sites to seek help for her best friend who is suffering from Lymphoma cancer.

Her best friend was identified as Camell Duela, 26-years-old and has been suffering from cancer for about two years. Camell is already married and already has two children, that's why they're having a hard time in supporting her treatments.

Raquel Barcebal is now seeking for the help of people with a good heart to help her best friend live longer for her family. She claims that Camell has undergone chemotherapy but then it isn't possible for her now because she's already bed ridden and the infection has already spread through her liver, heart and lungs. 

They are now asking for people to donate any amount, for them to be able to transfer Camell in a hospital that has the capabilities to treat her and for her to receive the treatment that she requires.

If ever you'll be donating, proceed to this page: CLICK HERE


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