Did you know that you could determine the health position of your body just by looking at how your fingernails?

There are different things that you could see about the way a fingernail looks like and believe it or not it is connected to a health issue. 

Here are the different kinds of nails that has an association with your health conditions:

1. Loose Nails
These nails could be spotted when the nails are away from the nail bed. It indicates infection and injury or it might be the sign of poor blood circulation or thyroid disease.

2. Dark Stripes Down The Nails
This could be the sign of having skin cancer, which is called subungual melanoma. 

3. White Lines Across the Nails
These lines are normal but sometimes it could be because of the low protein intake.

4. Brittle or Crumbly Nails
It is a sign that a person is aging or exposing their fingernails to detergents. They could also have a fungal infection in the nail or psoriasis. 

5. Discolored Nails 
Brown - thyroid disease or malnutrition
Blue/Purple - Oxygen deprivation
Green - Bacterial Infection
Yellow - Liver problem, thyroid gland problem, sinus infection and lung infection


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