Trimming pubic hair can be a bit tricky and painful at times. Some people are visiting salons that offer 'bikini wax' but most of the time, this is only done personally. 

Here are some of the equipment that you could use in order to trim your pubic hair easily. 

This method is useful in facial hair removal. It requires a lot of patience and time. 

Waxing Strips 
This is not advisable for the people who doesn't want to have hot wax on their skin. But there are ready-to-use waxes that can be an alternative. 

Bestie Razor
It saves time and cash at the same time. This is often done in shower and is not painful. 

Powdered Shaver
These are like tweezers, but it is battery-operated. This is totally painless and removes the hair in just seconds.


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