A lot of people are wearing jewelries especially a ring on their finger. Did you know that in every finger where your ring has placed, there is a hidden meaning on it?

The first thing that you needed to know is which one is your passive and active hand

Hands: Passive or Active
If you are a left-handed person, the left hand is the active or the giving hand while the right hand is the passive or the receiving hand. If the person is right-handed, this will be reversed. 

Location of the ring
Index Finger:
If the ring is on the passive, the person is considered as the leader who can handle a team. On active, they are confident and has high self-esteem

Middle Finger:
Passive: They needed to be seen as responsible or serious. Active: Knows what is the difference between right and wrong. 

Ring Finger: 
Active: can boost the creativity of a person, Passive: Wedding finger, can deal with the obstacles of marriage

Pinky Finger:
Active: negotiator and good in expressing themselves, Passive: good listener and has great intuition. 

Active: indicative Passive: Easily led by other people

No Ring:
The person does not want to be tied up. 


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