We can still recall the hate tweets of Vice that served as her reaction to Manny Pacquiao's remarks about the same s*x marriage. Vice Ganda literally fired Manny Pacquiao with spicy words because of the thought that he was really offended by the words that Manny Pacquiao used.

And now, Vice is being criticized because of the way he reacted about the issue.

An open letter was created by a netizen, that's addressed to the most popular comedian in the Philippines, Vice. 

In the open letter, the netizen revealed why they're starting to lose respect for Vice. They revealed that when Vice insulted other artists through his jokes, they never left him. 

Read the open letter here:

An open letter for Vice Ganda has gone viral online! Find out why!

Some netizens also agreed with the writer's thought about the issue. They claim that maybe Vice was just over reacting to things.
Source: CosmicFeed

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