Recently, there are rumors that Angel Locsin and Luis Manzano have called it quits between them. A lot of people are claiming that the couple have already decided to end their relationship because due to personal reasons.

However, in the recent interviews of Angel, she revealed that they're going through a tough time, but they're doing their best to fix everything.

On Friday, Angel Locsin shocked everyone after she posted a video of Luis Manzano singing "Love Yourself." The netizens were truly shocked with the caption she posted. 

"On the eve of my neck procedure, I saw my ex singing "Love Yourself" sa myx IG. Kung nagmahal na kayo ng taong paulit-ulit kang sinaktan, Pls like this. #mabuhayangtangasapagibig"

The netizens quickly posted their reactions. A lot of people were truly shocked with the way Angel called Luis as her Ex.

However, there are some who didn't believe with what's posted and simply stated that maybe Angel's account was hacked.

Angel Locsin surprisingly calls Luis Manzano as her ex-boyfriend!

Angel Locsin surprisingly calls Luis Manzano as her ex-boyfriend!
Source: ChosenTrends

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