Cancer is one of the most fatal diseases in the world. Also known as malignant tumor or malignant neoplasm, it becomes rampant primarily due to fast-changing lifestyle. According to cancer.org, it is expected to have 21.7 million newly diagnosed cancer cases and 13 million cancer deaths by 2030 globally. Scary...

We found a very touching story brought by the killer disease. Laura Hillier, 18, from Burlington, Canada was diagnosed of Myeloid Leukemia when she was 13. It is one of the types of bone marrow cancer.

Hillier tried different treatments such as chemotherapy,radiation and stem-cell. The last made her survive until November 2015 when her cancer returned. Finally, last January 18, 2016, the lady gave up and made her farewell.

A sad moment for everyone especially to her family, friends and classmates. Laura was not able to march on her much awaited graduation. Because of that, her schoolmates thought of the most unique way to express their love to the poor girl. They wrote their messages on her coffin. These are words of love and admiration to Hillier's strength that turned her casket into a 'yearbook' that she was not able to receive. A very touching moment, isn't it?

Reminisce moments with your loved ones who died with cancer. Share them below. :)

Source: TNP

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