Recently, the controversy about a woman who claimed that she found a dead mouse in the cup of coffee drink that she bought from Starbucks became viral over the social media sites. It gains different reactions from the netizens. Many people confused how the little mouse made it's way inside the cup of coffee. But ever since the story was shared over the social media sites many people can't help themselves from giving out their opinion. 

Now, an update happened to the complainant. The victim named Jessa who had found the mouse is confined in the hospital. She was diagnosed with a full-blown Leptospirosis based on the post of Clarisse Crisologo who was Jessa's organization mate. 

Based on the post, the Starbucks staff were even visiting her sending her gifts because of the incident. 

However, there are others who were contradicting the statement saying that it takes 7-12 days before the Leptospirosis can be said as full-blown. 

Source: Facebook

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