Recently, people are using social media sites to seek for justice right? They're creating random fan pages that aims to seek for justice.

And now, a Facebook page was created to find the suspect in the killing of a woman who was identified as Jhoy Mercado. The page was entitled 'Justice for Jhoy Mercado - Edgel Durolfo'. 

Sources claim that the woman was brought by her boyfriend to the hospital with bruises and wounds on her face and all over her body. The boyfriend then left her without a single notice, and now, they're in search for this man. 

Dead woman used social media to find her killer! MUST READ!

Dead woman used social media to find her killer! MUST READ!

A particular post in the said page, literally left the netizens in shock.

A lot of people thought that it was Jhoy who posted it, but then they claim that it was impossible for a lifeless person to use the social media.

Others stated that it was just the admin who used the account to scare the suspect.

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