The controversial remarks of Manny Pacquiao about the same s*x marriage has really created a never ending series of issues. What's even making it worse is the fact that while opinions are being posted, hate comments are also being posted, which results to a new issue.

A lot of people have already reacted to the remarks of Manny. Among those who reacted were Vice Ganda, Tito Boy Abunda, Aiza Seguerra. 

And now, Erwin Tulfo has stated his point of view of the said issue! 

Erwin Tulfo stated that we shouldn't be doing this to Manny Pacquiao because all he did was work all his life to bring pride to the Philippines and for the Philippines to be known by other Nationalities.

Erwin Tulfo released a controversial statement about the issue involving Manny Pacquiao!

He also stated that we should at least respect the man who gave so much for our country.

A lot of netizens have agreed to what he stated. Some of them even claimed that they salute Tulfo for being brave enough to say something as risky as his statement.

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