These days, more and more people are lacking sleep. Some claim that they don't know what's happening to their body at night that prevents them from falling asleep. However, there are some who simply stated that their lack of sleep was due to the several distractions like gadgets, books and music.

A lot of people are suffering from lack of sleep. This is mainly caused by the gadgets that people use before going to bed or maybe because of the works that are brought home, that consumes our time to sleep. 

Experts have already revealed that consistent suffering from lack of sleep may cause stress or worse, it can put your body at risk of medical conditions like heart disease.

Your problem is about to be solved because an expert have finally revealed that there's an easy tip for you to fall asleep in just 60 seconds

This tip won't accept any excuses because it will only require you 30 seconds to perform this exercise! 

All you have to do is to follow what's been stated in the video:


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