We all know for a fact that the love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre was literally loved by the viewers. In fact, they even supported all the projects of JaDine.

Their first ever television series that was entitled "On The Wings Of Love," has finally come to an end last Friday, February 26, 2016. The viewers claim that they aren't ready yet for the end of the series, but they have to accept the fact that everything has to end.

In the finale episode of OTWOL, Clark Medina nad Leah Olivares have finally exchanged vows and this time it happened in front of the altar and in front of their friends and relatives. 

After all the obstacles in their relationship, they still got to marry each other. Just like Leah and Clark's motto: 

Finale episode of OTWOL made every viewer cry! Clark finally marries Leah!

"Ang tagal ko iyong hinihintay pero it was worth the wait," Clark told Leah. "It was worth every tear and every smile. It was worth every slap and every kiss. It was worth every sad and happy memory. It was worth every time that I lost you just to find myself back in your arms again." 

Finale episode of OTWOL made every viewer cry! Clark finally marries Leah!
Leah replied.

It was then revealed by the director that the vows were written not by Leah and Clark, but by James Reid and Nadine Lustre. 

The fans were in tears as they watched the final episode of their favorite television series. 


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