TODAY - Another viral photos recently went viral online after a mysterious good looking man appears in the mountain province of the Philippines.

Based on the photos of the said "Carrot Man" that was posted by Nhoie Gurrobat, On his experience, He said that people on each province especially Kapampangans and Cebuanos has a lot to take when it comes to beauty.

Pictures that have gone viral was originally posted by Edwina T. Bandong, she shared it last week on her facebook profile, According to her, she saw this heartthrob while heading towards Sagada. Captivated, she took some shots for everyone to admire. (Bauko, Monamon Sur Mountain Province)

Everyone were excited to know him, apparently, there's one user who revealed the true Identity of this man. His name is Jerick Sigmaton, a native Igorot.

Source: Nhoie G.

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