But some individuals are having a hard time to take a sleep. Even they are doing the usual routine before bed time like drinking hot milk, taking a bath with warm water etc. When you are lack of sleep, it has a big effect in your mood, attitude and especially with your health.

Sleep disorders happen due to stress and other outside factor. When you sleep it is not about quantity- how long or how many hours you sleep but it is about quality. It is how well you sleep.

Andrew Weil, founder of Arizona Center for Integrated Medicine located in University of Arizona discovered the 60 second technique on how to get a sleep. The solution in simple alteration to the normal breathing of an individual. It is known for 4-7-8 breathing technique. It tranquilizes the nervous system to reduce the tension of the body.

See the video below and do it 6-8 weeks twice a day and see the development in falling a sleep in 60 seconds.

Source: NCA


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