As the world revolves fast, the way we live also changes rapidly. A lot of point of views have changed over the years. Enveloped with them are the norms. One of the things that is being embraced now is pre-marital s*x. Most of the cultures, especially those who are liberal, accepted and opened the thought about s*x outside marriage. Whatever the question others might have about it, there is only one fact, unborn children have nothing to do with issues that might come up as results of the decision to be engage in 'it.'

The point of view of this guy is really despicable. We commonly see social media posts which are fictional, but this one is for real (according to source).Shena Borga, a poor girlfriend, knew about Jhon Ace, her boyfriend's true colors after she became pregnant. Check on the thread below:

Surprisingly, Jhon's genuine color is rainbow. Share this and put your comments below. :)

Source: TNP


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