The Corpse of Anna Fritz is a 2015 spanish thriller film written by Hector Hernandez Vicens and Isaac P. Creus and also directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens. It was released on March 15, 2015 at South by Southwest film festival in Austin, Texas.

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Anna Fritz, a famous and beautiful actress has died recently. Three young men sneak into the morgue to see her naked. Mesmerized by her beauty, they decide to become the last people to have s*x with her.

Pau works as an orderly at the hospital where Anna Fritz was taken to. Pau is a shy and introverted youth. Often, when the body of a young woman is brought to the morgue, he can’t resist watching her. When he enters the morgue with the corpse of Anna Fritz, he takes a picture of her naked human body and sends it to his friend Ivan.

Ivan and Javi are Pau’s only friends, and go visit him at the hospital. They were a little drunk and high from drugs. Ivan suddenly asks Pau if they can see the naked body of Anna Fritz. Upon admiring her beauty, Ivan suddenly decided in having s*x with her. During this event, Pau said that he wanted to be next. During intercourse, Anna Fritz eyes suddenly opened and her life came back scaring Pau.

And they have decided to hide Anna Fritz because they don't want to reveal to the public what they have done. Javi, on the other hand wants to save Anna Fritz, however, Ivan wants to kill her to hide that he raped her. Ivan unintentionally killed Javi. It came to the point that they attempted to murder her but Anna Fritz pretend to be dead and so she found a right timing and killed Ivan and Pau stabbing using a scissor.


    Alba Ribas- Anna Fritz
    Berrat Saumell- Javi
    Cristian Valencia- Ivan
    Albert Carbo- Pau
    Nico Avila- The doctor


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