It is for real that the team up of Ellen Adarna and Ejay Falcon is one of the most admired love teams in the showbiz industry! Their teamup is considered as one of the sexiest and one of the hottest love teams that can deliver a sexy scene without any problem.

In the recent press conference for their teleserye, both Ejay and Ellen were placed ina  hot seat and asked if there's a s*xual tension between the both of them and what's actually the real score between them.

Ejay was also asked about when did he felt that he wanted Ellen to be his girlfriend, is it before or after their love scenes, then someone from the crowd shouted that it was "During," and then it drew laughter from everyone.

Ellen then stated that she feels uncomfortable in doing such love scenes because there were bright lights and cameras that are focused on what they're doing.

When Ellen was asked if Ejay has a chance on her, she gladly stated that he's attractive, nice and handsome and has already given him a chance, in fact, they even dated.

Source: ChosenTrends

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