The fans of James Reid and Nadine Lustre are now feeling like they're on cloud nine, after the "on-screen" partners revealed that they're already in a romantic relationship, since February 11, 2016.

The public announcement was done in the last part of their concert last February 20, 2016, that was entitled "JaDine In Love."

 James Reid and Nadine Lustre admit being a REAL life couple!

In the last part of their concert, James and Nadine walked towards each other, when they're already facing each other, James said the magic words, "I love you" to Nadine, which literally made the crowd go wild! 

"It is what it is, that's how I feel about her, I love her," James Reid stated.

He also revealed that the announcement that he did, isn't really part of the original flow of their concert. 

"Matagal ko na gusto sabihin sa kanya iyon. I feel this is the right time," James added.

Meanwhile, the co-star of JaDine which is Cherry Pie Picache was in tears after the announcement! 


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