After reading the title, I want you to please ask yourselves: "What have I done to make my country a better place to live in?" I mean, saying that you don't throw garbage/s anywhere nor do you do vandals on walls is not an excuse. Let's face it, it is already expected for you as a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines but, have you gone beyond what is expected of you? Most people would visit other countries to invest, travel, or settle for good. However, others go to inspire. Just like this story of a Japanese national is pictured voluntarily painting an overpass in Baguio. Aside from painting such overpass, he was also seen to regularly cleaning the trashes near the area – which most Filipinos failed to do. The Japanese national who is caught doing the commendable act is Mazakasu Nose – who has been a resident of Baguio for quite a while. Mr. Nose runs a small stall at the Baguio Center Mall called Masaya Takoyaki – selling Takoyaki and Japanese waffles. Yes, knowing what Mr. Nose did is commendable – and shameful. It’s like having your house being beautified for free by a guest or a stranger. I just wish that Mr. Nose is able to inspire us, Filipinos to love our own and take good care of our own home. As a way of appreciating and commending this selfless man’s good work, let us give back by patronizing his Takoyaki stall. Let us in any way commend him because he deserves more than just that. If you’ve reached this part, I DARE YOU.

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