RICE GRANARY OF THE PHILIPPINES, this is what Nueva Ecija known for. The region contains the largest plain in the country and produces most of the country's rice supply.

But did you know that Nueva Ecija is not only famous for rice fields it is also loaded with turquoise water of rivers, remarkable views and lot of adventures that you can experience without spending too much money?

Minalungao National Park, a 2,018 hectares protected landscape containing a turquoise waters of the Penaranda river located in between two rock formations.

In this place, you can rent a bamboo raft where you can eat lunch while floating in the beautiful water of the river. It also has the safest and cheapest Zip Line for only P50 and get the experience to cross the hanging bridge that will surely you never forget.

GREAT PANTABANGAN DAM & PANTABANGAN LAKE are also in Nueva Ecija. Pantabangan Dam produces water for the irrigation and hydroelectric power generation, while Pantabangan Lake is a reservoir and is considered as the cleanest reservoir in the Philippines.

Travel Source: WhenInManila


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