There are several reasons why two people decides to end their relationship. Most of the time it is because of the fact that they have fallen out of love or there is a third party. 

They say that everything happens for a reason and that you should just accept the fact that the relationship has come to an end. But for someone who have dedicated their life to caring and loving for their partners

People who have encountered breakups are looking for the closure or the one final talk to realize that everything has come to an end. 

This particular man caught the attention of the netizens for he is crying out on social media for a final talk with his ex-girlfriend who is now pregnant with his current boyfriend

Many showed respect and felt the pain that he is going through but one of their 'common' friends said that he was physically hurting the woman that is why she left him.

Man cries out for 'closure' towards his Ex-GF who is now pregnant with her new boyfriend!
Source: ViralDrift

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