A father who lost their baby after allegedly being denied of medical attention was gone viral and many netizens reacted and gave their opinion on the said incident. It was recalled that the father shared his his experience in Facebook where a certain hospital in Manila and a doctor denied the medical attention that his wife need. 

This resulted of losing their still-born child. Andre Pelayo wrote how the hospital did not take any immediate action and consideration on his wife. The doctor’s reason is money. While his wife is bleeding non-stop, the doctor advised that they cannot support the medication because they don’t have enough money.

One of the netizen’s comments that stood out the most is from a Facebook user named Angela Grace Capuz PiodeRoda. She shared a post where she was obviously in favor on the doctor’s side. She indicated several faults that were made by the Father. 

Angela sited to her post that the father needs to be well prepared especially that his wife is pregnant. She also gave advice that the father should not blame other people on the said incident.

Netizens reacted and gave different opinions. Some agrees and some were not. Others are stating that saving life is the main priority of a hospital and money is nothing compared to life. One concern Facebook user pointed out the good side and the bad side. But it all boils down to one thing, saving life versus money. If you are in the situation, what will you do? Read and share us your thoughts.

Source: GGSTI

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