There are claims that the Philippines could be the richest country in the world because of the large deposits of deuterium and oil fields. 

Based on a special report that was published over the internet by an unknown author, deuterium is a form of hydrogen water that exists without oxygen. This deuterium can be used to power engine of trucks, jet planes and cars. It is now being used in some parts of the world such as Germany, America and Canada. 

Also, this does not emit any pollutants that can harm the environment. It only emits water vapor or steam. 

The report also claims that the Philippines has the largest deposit of the Deuterium with a size of 868 miles long, 3 miles at the deepest point and 52 miles at the widest point. 

Based on the 1986 Deuterium project in the Philippines and the American Government, there is a production scheme. A share of 40/40/20 is supposed to be divided by the parties. 40% of the revenue goes to the Government another 40% to the investors and the remaining 20% to cover the operation costs. 

But until now, no technology could spearhead the operations of getting the deuterium.

Source: UniqueFacts

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