Once again, the actor, Martin del Rosario got involved in a scandal online! On Monday, February 8, 2016, a photo of Martin has gone viral online. 

The photo shows Martin del Rosario was was seen standing in front of a mirror, wearing nothing but a sando. Yes, the photo clearly shows Martin's private part. 

The actor then stated that he's really the one in the photo. He admits that it was his face, his body and his shirt, what he couldn't understand in this issue is about who did this, and when did this happened.

He also stated that he's quite unsure if this photo is real or edited because there were blurred parts. 

“Kung ako man ‘yan, siguro hindi ako naging maingat, e. Hindi ko rin naman alam na nakunan ako."

The actor then stated that this scandalous photo will not affect his career since he's not doing anything in the photo.

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