During sexual intercourse, the body reacts wonderfully and the results may be beneficial to health. M*sturbation has also great effects to the body. After this process, sperm or semen is being produced. It has its own wonders aside from being one of the sources of life.

Here are a few of the surprising use of semen:

1. May aid depression.
According to the experts of State University of New York, sperm can lessen stress. They conducted a study involving 293 female college students. A portion of them used conceptives. Those who did not, were found to be less stressed.

2. Helps reaching sound sleep.
Semen has melatonin that is believed to provide quality sleep.
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3. Powerful multivitamin.
Experts say that semen has 200 vitamins and minerals including protein, calcuim, citric and fructose acid.

4.May help lower blood pressure.
Ingesting it can actually aid high blood pressure. It reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia for women.

5. Decreases the chance of prostate cancer.
According to researchers from American Medical Association, excretion of sperm can bring down the chance of having prostate cancer.

6. Can be used to extinguish.
Scientists from Polytechnic University of Turin says that semen contains chemicals that make it an instant fire extinguisher.

Funny as it seems but the human body is one of the most special creations. It may bring blessing if used properly or curse if abused.

Try one of those tips and share your thoughts below. :)

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