It is undeniable that people really spend one-third of their lives sleeping and resting or simply lying on the bed. Sweats, dust and another form of dirt are being stuck inside our mattress, and people tend to be too lazy to clean the mattress that's why they end up changing only the bed sheets.

It isn't the same as the pillows that have pillowcases which you can remove right? I mean, how could you really clean your mattress?

This woman has revealed several ways to clean the dirt, sweats and another form of dust in your mattress.

Most of the ways that she revealed include the use of baking soda. She claims that aside from using a vacuum to clean your mattress, you can also use baking soda to completely deodorize your mattress.

All you have to do is to pour some baking soda on your mattress, let it still for about 30-45 minutes then using a vacuum, remove all the baking soda. This will not just help in cleaning the mattress, but also in deodorizing it.


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