Smelling a person's fart isn't really an interesting thing to do. I mean, who would think of smelling someone's part? It's indeed the craziest thing that you can actually do.

Recently, the experts have been advising everyone to smell a person's fart more often because it reduces the risk of suffering from cancer and other diseases.

Hydrogen Sulfide is a smelly gas that's being produced by bacteria from the food that was digested and turned into waste. Experts have already revealed that this component is great in reducing the risks of cancer, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and even arthritis. 

A person's fart contains Hydrogen Sulfide, that's why experts are telling everyone to start making "Fart-smelling" a habit.

It turns out that little doses of hydrogen sulfide secures your cells and even defend our body from such diseases. 

Source: NewsBankAtm

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