It is for real that in the heat of the moment, most men tend to be more careless because of getting too excited with what's bound to happen. What men didn't know is that their reproductive organ can break when they care less about it during an intercourse.

An injury to a man's organ can lead to deformities or worse, erectile dysfunction.

S*x positions that might put your manhood at risk! Watch out for these positions!

Experts claim that if the reproductive organ was bent with enough force, it might break and it can cause damage that might result in a penile fracture.

When you hear a cracking sound while making love with your partner, there's a possibility that the lining of the corpus cavernosum that contains most of the blood found in the pen*s when erected, is broken.

S*x positions that might put your manhood at risk! Watch out for these positions!

Here are the positions that could really bring you organ at risk:

"Among the 44 studied cases, 42 (95.4%) were 34.5 years of age on average (ranging from 18-60). Heterosexual intercourse was the most common cause of broken banana (28 patients, 66.7%), followed by penile manipulation (6 patients, 14.3%), and homosexual intercourse (4 patients, 9.5%). Research suggests that the 'woman on top' position poses the most risk in breaking a man's banana, with about roughly 50% risk followed by the doggy style which presents a 28.6% risk."

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