This might sound unbelievable, but then the first ever in the world who's able to conceive is finally back in shape! 

A man named Thomas Beatie who was born as Tracy Lagondino, a woman, back in 1974 has already given birth to three children and is currently going back in shape.

Despite that he was born as a woman, he knew it then that he wanted to be a man so, he began taking testosterone injections.

In 2015, he decided to do the best for him, and that is to remove his breasts, while his wife decided to remove her uterus.

He has been taking testosterone injections for 8 years, when he decided to have a baby. He decided to keep his female ogan and throught artificial insemination, a child was made.

He already have 3 children and he's on his way to recovery and is currently going back in shape.


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