The netizens were truly shocked when the "Dedecal.ly" of an unknown woman has gone viral online! The said scandalous video was posted in the Facebook page of R-Breezy

The said video shows a woman using the "Musical.ly" app, while touching her upper private part. 

And now, a Facebook user named Marc Lester Garcia Trinidad posted the truth behind the scandalous video.

The truth behind the scandalous R-Breezy video of a girl was revealed!

He claims that the woman in the video didn't create it to be famous on the internet, thus, it was for her boyfriend who's, unfortunately, her ex now. 

He also added that the admins of the Fan Page that uploaded the photo blackmailed the woman, and that they even asked for favors just for her video.

The video that was uploaded quickly went viral online, and since it's scandalous, Facebook quickly deleted it.

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