We all know for a fact that every computer shop has a person who always pulls prank on the ones who are busy using the computer. There's even a thing called "Trashtalk," which is the term that DOTA players use to tease the other players.

A video that was taken in a computer shop in Indonesia has gone viral online.

The video shows a young boy who's playing computer when a stranger came to him asking a couple of questions about the game he's playing. The stranger then started teasing him by placing his hands on his head and twisting it from right to left. 

But on the third twist that this man did, he exerted too much pressure resulting to the young boy's neck being broken. 

The twist that the man did cause the loss of consciousness of the young boy. Experts also claim that what he did might even result to a brain damage or worse, death.

It is still unclear if the man who did this was arrested or not.

Source: CoolBuster

Don't play with neck.. plz watch the video 4 life time lesson..must watch n share..@ www.faiz.com
Posted by Faiz Ahamed Chooty Malli on Friday, January 22, 2016

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