This man was constantly shaking because of the fear of performing on stage or stage fright.

As he set foot on the stage of the fifth season of Pilipinas Got Talent, the judges were concerned that he might faint because of the nervousness that he is feeling as he was there in front. 

But when the music started playing, from being the shy man he became the outstanding man who dominated the stage of the show. 

His own rendition of John Legend's 'All Of Me' gained a standing ovation from the PGT Judges. It was not like the normal covers because it was sung in an orchestral manner. 

He gained a standing ovation from the judges including Vice Ganda. 
"Siguro kung nakakadena ang mga paa namin sa upuan na ito ay pipilitin pa rin namin tumayo pagkatapos mo magtanghal kung ganyan ka lang rin naman kahusay," Vice said. 


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