An unbelievable story of a mother who decided to marry her son after being impregnated because she wanted to have all the money of her son. 

A mother named Betty Mbereko marries her son Farai to have all the money that she spent after sending him out to study. Her husband already passed away that is why she was left all alone. She paid for the tuition fee of her son. 

Unbelievable mother marries her 23-year-old son after he got her pregnant! Unacceptable!

Based on the reports, the woman was already 6 months pregnant with the son. Betty claims that no other woman should benefit from all the money that she spent on his education. 

They were charged with incest by the village court. But it was a surprise that the son was even excited to marry her mother. 

They were both expelled from the town, off to an unknown destination. 

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