We all know for a fact that the controversial remarks of Manny Pacquiao about the same s*x marriage have really offended the LGBT community, in fact, it even sparked an outrage online! 

Despite that Manny Pacquiao has already apologized to the public, people just can't stop themselves from bashing him.

And now, the truth has been revealed about the controversial footage. On Wednesday, Manny Pacquiao was interviewed by the one and only, Karen Davila.

In the interview, Manny clarified all his remarks. He clarified that he compared the acts done by the LGBT community to animals and not the person itself.

“I understand why you are always quoting the Bible, but have you heard about the separation of religion from the government.?" Karen asked Manny

“Yes, but we have to remember that it is impossible for a nation to be successful without the guidance of the Lord.” Manny Pacquiao answered

But then the listeners and the viewers were shocked when Karen Davila suddenly asked Pacquiao an insane question.

"Manny, should you be a senator or should you be a pastor." Karen asked.

And once again, Manny Pacquiao used his belief to answer Karen's question.

Source: TrendaFeed

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