In line with the fueled fired on the issue of  Manny Pacquiao calling the homosexuals 'worse than animals' because of the acts that they do in bed, people are still having arguments towards this issue. 

The Kapamilya Star and Singer Yeng Constantino finally released her official statement towards the issue saying that she just wanted to share her insights towards the controversies

Yeng admitted that she has a brother who is a gay but everyone knows that she is also a Christian. Being in between these sides, Yeng finds it hard to speak up. 

But she firmly said that she is not against homosexuals for she loves her brother so much. She believes that if a person could love someone who is a homosexual, then,God is also capable of loving them more. 

She also said that she understands how the homosexuals feel whenever they get hurt because of these issues. 

Yeng firmly stood,  saying that she will never be against homosexuals even though she is a Christian. 


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