We all know for a fact that the brother of the late Jam Sebastian, which is Yexel Sebastian is one of the most admired men in the country because of the way he expresses his love for his girlfriend, Mikee Agustin.

In celebration of the Valentine's day, Yexel Sebastian decided to create the largest bouquet that you'll ever see! Don't get me wrong, he didn't buy this bouquet, what he bought were the stuffed toys that he placed in the bouquet. Yes, you've read that right, he decided to create his own bouquet of stuffed toys that were composed of Minions and Hello Kitty stuffed toys.

Yexel, then decided to meet his girlfriend in a restaurant, his friends handed mini-minions to her. But what really shocked her is when she saw Yexel standing in front of her and the huge bouquet slowly faced Mikee.

She was really shocked and at the same time, surprised with such effort that her boyfriend has exerted for Valentine's day.

Mikee Agustin became the envy of every woman after this video went viral on Facebook.

Source: Yexel Sebastian
Largest Bouquet of Stuffed Toys =)
Surprise Valentine Giftnatin kay MikeeLiling tatlong araw kong tinahi at pinlano ,lalo na kung pano sya tatayo at magiging matibay,Astig diba?Creative !! heheButi naging happy naman sya heheheSuccessful! HAPPY VALENTINES =)
Posted by Yexel Sebastian on Saturday, February 13, 2016

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