Let's face it, more and more youth are getting addicted in various online games! They tend to care less about their self and their surroundings, for as long as they're playing such game.

Just recently, Max Anaten of Brigada News Davao reported that a teenager allegedly committed suicide after losing in the clan wars in CoC or Clash of Clans. 

The boy was found lying on the floor, bathing in his own blood with a wound in his neck caused by slashing. 

The boy was quickly rescued by the Central 911 and was brought to the Southern Philippines Medical Center or SMPC.

It turns out that the young boy was so addicted in playing the CoC to the point that he stopped attending his classes. They claim that the young boy possibly committed suicide due to the conflicts in the game and the clan war defeats.

Young boy allegedly committed suicide after losing in the clan wars of CoC.

The young boy is now in a stable condition and already on his way to recovery after receiving treatments at the hospital.

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