We all know for a fact that Manila is filled with street children who will either ask money or food from the citizens. It is also undeniable that those street children are still young and still wanted to enjoy life, that's why they often play in the streets and sometimes they swim in different rivers in Manila.

In this video, you can see a group of street children who were standing on the Jones Bridge Binondo, Manila. One by one, they jumped, falling into the river, to enjoy the water. But then one of them didn't jump and decided back out. 

The guy once again came near them, and the man who was taking the video forced him to jump and swim along with his friends. The young boy was indeed hesitant, he's thinking twice, maybe because he doesn't know how to swim.

But because of his friends who won't stop teasing him from not jumping, he decided to risk his life. He jumped, and then his body went missing. 

According to a netizen named Paul Dela Cruz Almario, the body of the young boy was found Yesterday at around 4:30 pm. 

Young boy dies from drowning after his friends forced him to jump into the river!

This should now serve as a lesson to never bully or question a person just because he's hesitant to do something.

Source: Facebook

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